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Historic Painting Restoration

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of an old New England home. Historic homes present unique challenges to the careful painter. The simple act of applying a fresh coat of paint is complicated by the many layers of oil and water based paints already coating the home. Our team of professional, career painters is experienced in the restoration of these homes and has the expertise do get the job done right the first time. Setting Popular Painting apart from other painting companies in historic home restoration is our extraordinary attention to detail. Simply put, we will do our upmost to keep your beautiful historic home looking as if it hadn’t aged a day.

Light Carpentry

We offer a range of light carpentry services to accompany our painting projects. Crown molding, stair banisters, mantles, baseboards, doors, vanities, and entertainment centers – you name it. We can help you with glazing, painting, staining, distressing and any other finishing product that you would like.

Interior Painting & Staining

Are you looking to give your home a refreshing and clean look? Leave your interior painting to the Popular Painting team. Popular Painting is the premier choice for the greater Boston area’s interior painting services. Our master painters use only the best products to ensure high quality interior finish for your home or business, because we know that the appearance of a property reflects its occupants. We work with you to turn your vision into the look you want.

Drywall & Plaster Repair

The house painting experts at Popular Painting have been trained to remove your drywall or wallpaper and re-finish the surface with any paint or specialty finish you desire. From small dings and scratches to car sized holes in a garage, no problem is too small for our team of expert house painting and repair specialists.

Drywall is conducive to painting and can be textured in a multiple of ways. Its easy to install, pliable, and is a great choice of material for your home’s walls and ceilings. Before a painter can begin your interior painting project, any damage to the drywall needs to be repaired. Repairing the dents and holes in your walls will bring a finished look to your home and help the paint last longer.

Window Restoration & Re-Glazing

Window restoration is really the ultimate “green” solution in spite of what the large window replacement companies say. When restored properly, old windows will be energy efficient, safe, and will outlast a new replacement window. Older windows have stronger, more durable wood, more reliable sliding mechanisms, and there are no worries about seals of double paned glass failing and causing fogging between the glass panes. In addition, the cost of restoration is much less than the total cost of a decent replacement window and can typically be done faster and with less inconvenience.

From years of working on older homes we have developed expertise in window repair and restoration. In addition we have come to appreciate the simplicity, durability, and appearance of older windows.

Exterior Painting & Staining

Whether you have a small office building or expansive manufacturing center, you can trust us to provide you with an exceptional finished result and service experience. Our painters cover grounds, plantings, and parked vehicles with drop cloths to shield them from paint drips and overspray. All exterior surfaces are scraped, sanded, or chemically stripped to remove loose paint and create a smooth foundation. As commercial painters, we use a variety of techniques such as brushing, rolling, and spraying to guarantee a flawless and professional paint finish for your building’s exterior.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Acoustic is also called popcorn texture or cottage cheese texture. Popular Painting Painting can remove your acoustic ceilings and retexture with a modern texture that will give your home a new look and feel. Acoustic can also be repainted for a fresh new look. Homeowners often spend lots of time and money refurbishing their home without touching their acoustic ceilings. If you are looking for an affordable room makeover that will enhance your home’s value and appearance then replacing that acoustic ceiling is definitely a good option.

Wallpaper Removal

New wall coverings can transform the atmosphere and appearance of any room. Popular Painting’s interior painting specialists can help you take on any wallpaper or wall decal project. As part of our specialty services, we can remove any of your old wall coverings, repair drywall damages and install all types of wallpaper.

Window Cleaning

By providing a detail oriented and intensive cleaning to both the inside and outside of your windows, Popular Painting can help you transform the image of your home. A window cleaning from Popular Painting will not only allows you enjoy the beautiful view from your home once again, but you will benefit from better heat efficiency and enjoy a brighter home.

Deck Cleaning

Like all wood surfaces, decks need to be properly maintained. Because wood decks are subject to the damaging effects of weather, it is critical to have your deck cleaned and protected on a regular basis. A poorly maintained deck quickly turns grey in color as it deteriorates due to dirt, mold and algae, gradually tearing apart the surface of the wood. We also offer a deck cleaning process like no other company, removing old paints, stains, and adding extra years to the life of your deck in the process.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring may not be something that you’ve heard of before but in its simplest definition, it is a flooring surface that is made up of multiple layers of epoxy that is applied to the floor to a certain depth. The difference between an epoxy floor and an epoxy floor coating lies in the depth of the epoxy. Some advantages to epoxy flooring are dirt, dust and debris can be easily wiped clean when you have your concrete floor coated with epoxy coating. With epoxy floor coating covering a concrete surface, it becomes hard wearing and durable which makes it a wise investment for any business, garage or basement.

Pressure Washing/Power Washing

Popular Painting services can use different types of power washing depending on your home and the type of job. Power washing can be performed on wood, granite, asphalt, bricks, and aluminum. Power washing from Popular Painting will prepare your painting project for success from the very beginning. Precision and professionalism from Popular Painters will give your house the look and feel of a brand new home!

Deck Restoration, Sealing & Staining

If you have a deck, patio, archways, or any other wooden surface around your home, you know that they are constantly taking a beating from varying weather conditions. If you don’t take proper care of them by re-sealing and re-staining them at the right times, they can become a costly expenditure that significantly decreases the value of your home. The Popular Painting crew has years of experience sealing and staining decks to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

Smoke, Fire & Water Damage

Smoke, fire and water damage is a very destructive event that happens in commercial and residential places. Popular Painting is fully prepared to remove any rotten wood, damaged drywall etc.that has been affected. Popular Painting will then renovate what was damaged and bring the area back to a new look.

Snow Removal

From commercial businesses to private residences, Popular Painting offers comprehensive snow removal services. As soon as the snow starts to fall, the Popular Painting crews begin their snow removal and continue to work until the last flake has fallen. By covering the same location multiple times during the same storm, Popular Painting ensures the snow never builds up, pathways remain clear overnight, and salt is applied as soon as the snow stops falling.

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